Conferences and seminars provide a great opportunity to meet prospects, influencers, customers, and learn what’s new in your industry. The problem is, there are a lot of them and they can cost you time and a chunk of your marketing budget. So how do you make the most of networking at a conference?

Here are 3 Easy Ways to Network at a Conference   

  1. Do your homework ahead of time by researching the presenters. What’s their specialty? Their background or interests? Find some common ground, so you can easily start a conversation after their presentation and make sure you hand them your business card. Better yet, get in touch before the event and make yourself known.
  2. If the conference is in a more intimate setting, ask the presenter a killer question to get noticed. Hint: always introduce yourself and add ‘what you do’ or what you’d like to be known for.  If it’s a larger scale event (or you’re an introvert who hates when everyone is staring at you), follow up on social media after the presentation to ask your question. Chances are that they will answer your question and follow you, which establishes credibility with a thought-leader.
  3. Don’t forget to network with other attendees. Strike up a conversation by asking to borrow a pen or complimenting someone’s shoes (it sounds silly but it works). Ask about  their favorite speaker so far. Naturally guide the conversation toward business and make a connection. Promise me that you’ll follow up! You can also connect on your mobile phone by turning on bluetooth and signing into your LinkedIn account to connect with people all around you.

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