Today we’re going to talk about promoting your blog. It’s important to know, whether you write one — or your role is to promote your company’s blog to gain more attention and free publicity. Blogs help you showcase your expertise and done consistently, help your target market find you online.

You know it’s a given that you have to write to answer your customer’s questions and pain points, which again tells the world, you’re an expert.

Here are three easy ways to promote your blog:

First, consider creating templates to promote your blog on social media. I suggest 5-10 templates that use your brand colors (refer to your brand guidelines) and fit your style. Once they’re created, plug in your blog title. You also want to include your logo on these images. Canva is a free, user-friendly design tool that our team likes, and if you use the paid version, you can automatically resize your posts for different platforms, like Instagram, Insta Stories, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google my Business, and so on.

Second, when you post your blog, email everyone on your list. I do this on my weekly marketing tip sheet Robin’s Rainmakers . If you create an easy to read email template, it also gives you the opportunity to promote other content too. After sending the blog to your list, go back to your template and share that, along with your link, on social media platforms too.

Third, you want to repurpose all of your content. Publish your content on other outlets. You can republish your blog on Medium and post it as an article on LinkedIn. I’d wait about 14 days after you post the original to publish it on other platforms, and at least 7 days before publishing somewhere new. Put these tasks on your calendar so you don’t forget when to do it, and where you posted.

This is Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Do you want more attention for your business or brand?  Download a copy my special report, 52 Marketing and PR Tips to Get Attention at Talk tomorrow!