To create an unforgettable presentation, you need to have content that exceeds expectations. You can have a different view on a topic that may be considered boring or dry, or add a personal story — one that makes you seem human or makes people laugh. You can talk about a time when you lost almost everything, where you felt like a total jerk until… or the aha moment you’ll never forget.  Naturally, this will lead into a bigger story, where you can talk about your challenges, lessons, and of course — your solutions.

How you deliver the information is important too. At Toastmasters and at the National Speakers Association, they teach you to use the volume of your voice and body language to get attention. If you make an important point, do it loudly, and then be silent for a moment to let your audience reflect on what you had to say. Throw your hands up if you’re talking about something unthinkable. Turn your back. Grab a prop. Need inspiration, watch go to YouTube or watch Toastmasters finalists perform, or better yet — watch exceptional TedTalks to hear their style.

Mix up your language too.  Use a play on words or apply the allure of alliteration. Hear all those  A’s? Or metaphors like, kisses are the flower of affection. Mix conversational style, slang, formal language and don’t forget to move your body too. Stiff is for cardboard only.

Last thing, if you’re presenting a powerpoint, Include some novel imagery. Don’t go crazy with every slide. If you’re talking about moments of change, you can include an image from 50 Photos that Changed the World. They’re powerful and everyone will be able to relate.

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