Want some local lead generation tips?

If you’re in business you need leads, and you can get them a number of ways whether it’s networking, speaking, word of mouth, or meeting someone in a grocery line. They all work. But leads should also come through your online marketing efforts. The key is to turn those leads into customers.

3 Local Lead Generation Tips to Grow Your Business 

  1. Local SEO can help you expand your visibility and increase your SERP ranking, that’s your position on a search engine results page. The higher you are on the list, the more likely people will visit your website. Once they land on your site, your job is to capture their information. They’ve already expressed interest in checking you out.
  2. Local search engine marketing or SEM puts your business at or near the top of a results page — for a price. The price is an auction of sorts for keywords that appear in people’s searches in your area. You’ll find these results at the very top of a Google search that says “Ad.”
  3. The third local lead generation tip is to create landing pages. They’re usually single website pages designed to turn visitors into leads. They often include a compelling offer, report, or must-have information that’s important to the visitor. That offer is usually free. It could be a report, white paper, video, any kind of download in exchange for contact information.

Local companies typically benefit by offering a discount, a 2-for-1, or a free consultation in exchange for a prospect’s phone number or email address. What’s key to remember is that a well-designed landing page needs a compelling offer. That’s how it turns an interested website visitor into a bona fide lead — someone who genuinely has interest in learning more and potentially buying.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. It doesn’t matter if you want to promote your business on a local, regional or national platform. A marketing plan can help you get there. Have a question on how to make your marketing plan more effective? Reach out at Robin@RobinSamora.com. Talk tomorrow