Sometimes companies jump the gun on press releases and sometimes they wait too long. Other times, they might not even send a press release. How do you decide if and when you should write one? Ask yourself these 3 questions.

Is it newsworthy? Consider the timing, significance, and human interest of the information. In short, will people outside of your company care?

Does it fit your brand message? Staying on brand and consistent in your messaging is critically important for your online and offline image. This press release will live on the internet — forever — so make sure you really want it out there.

And lastly, do you have the talent and experience to write a professional press release? If not, are you willing to pay someone who does? We can’t all be content superheroes. Me included. Sending something out that has improper grammar or even just a bad flow might get ignored, shoved to the bottom of the pile, or worse, published as-is.

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then do it. Write and send that press release and do it with gusto.

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