Want to pool your resources to create a bigger marketing campaign? Think about co-marketing.

Why would you want to co-market with another company and what’s the benefit?

3 Reasons Why Co-Marketing is Important

  1. Increase your reach. Co-marketing or cross promotion as it’s sometimes called allows your content to be shared with your audience as well as your partner’s. This gives you an opportunity to expand your reach with a totally new target market and grow your following with people who want to learn more.
  2. Your trust level improves. If you’re in business and it’s not a hobby – no disrespect here — you’ve probably built a solid brand and reputation, and so has your potential brand partner. Combine the trust level of both in good faith, to gain even more credibility.
  3. Take advantage of each other’s strengths. If you’re working with a bigger brand, and a part of your agreement, use their resources and expertise. A more influential brand may have stronger social media power or they might like the fact that you have a niche audience that they can tap into. Look at the cost savings too – like a more experienced staff, creative resources, and talent.

What’s important to remember is that co-marketing should be a win-win for both sides. Piggy back on a marketing campaign, but before you do, make sure you have your agreement in writing – even if it’s an email, so you know what to expect.

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