Think that marketing is all you need to grow your business? What about adding digital PR to your marketing mix? Here’s what it can do for you.

Marketing Tip: 3 Reasons Why You Need Digital PR 

With all the focus on marketing, sometimes it’s easy to forget about getting PR and free PR is my specialty. How can digital PR help you?

1. Earned media is believable. It’s what other people say about you. It’s not about you tooting your own horn. It’s about third-party mention. You can’t buy that in ads — or least, you shouldn’t. The best kind of PR comes from someone else writing or talking about you. Build a strong brand, be authentic, and stick to your story.

2. Digital PR builds brand authority. When you’re sharing thought leadership, and doing it consistently, you’re building an expert platform that your prospects, clients, and other industry leaders notice. And, the competition notices too. Share your content, opinions, events and published articles or podcasts strategically on social media for to maximize digital PR and influence your audience.

3. Social PR impacts organic search results. Every time you’re mentioned in the press, you’re improving online visibility, organic search ranking, and back links. Use them wisely to promote your business and build credibility. The media pays attention to search results and when your name keeps popping up, that’s a thumbs up for a reporter.

Think big about your outreach strategies. Don’t just send press releases. Take a shot at newsjacking, create a list of podcasts to pitch, upload content to Google My Business, and post on your own media channels, consistently.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. My passion is no-cost and low-cost marketing. Check out my website at and let me help you grow your business.  Talk soon!