A strong content marketing strategy will set you apart from your competition, especially if you’re monitoring content that’s popular and getting engagement, and answering customer’s questions.

Here are 3 simple content marketing strategies for 2020 that work, without spending a ton of time and resources.

  1. Update the current content on your website. If it’s been a year or two, or three or seven since you’ve updated your website content, start out by doing just that. Review each page to see if it still speaks to your brand. Sometimes just freshening up the language and replacing long-tail keyword phrases makes a difference.

    If your blog is on your website, see what blogs performed well in the past, and update the opening and closing paragraphs. You’ll also want to replace old links with new, relevant ones. The goal is to repost these blogs as new content.

  2. Focus on local SEO with Google My Business and claim your listing if you haven’t already. It’s basically free publicity. Make sure all of the information on your listing is correct, including hours, services, and FAQs. Upload compelling photos using Alt Tags or Alt Text, and if you’re a local expert, post your favorite headshot there too.

    Post to Google My Business at least a few times per week. Keeping fresh content there allows customers to learn more about as soon as they find you on Google. Timing is everything, right?

  3. Another tactic is to open up guest blogging opportunities to your peers. Letting another expert write for you frees up time for you to bring in business or work on high income projects. Think of it as a win-win. As long as they align with your brand and they’re not a competitor, you both can reach new audiences, cross promote, and repurpose the content in a dozen or more different ways.

Of course, increasing user-generated content, stepping up your video campaigns, and creating strategic voice marketing copy works, but these are 3 simple tactics you can outsource.

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