Did you know that 80% of people read emails on their phones? Want to catch more of their attention and build your business? Here are three tips.

3 Tips to Beef Up Your Email Marketing 

1. Avoid long messages. Long and wordy sentences are tiring and no one wants to read them. How about adding an infographic to grab the audience’s attention instead?  You can find designers who specialize in creating infographics on sites like Fiverr.

2. Switch up your delivery. Try including a video in your next email. It doesn’t have to be professionally shot or edited. Keep it simple and keep it real. You can create short-form videos, under two-minutes, with your iPhone or mobile device.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for ideas. Reach out to your audience or colleagues and ask what they’d like to see. You don’t need to limit yourself to surveys. A virtual Q&A can help get the creative juices flowing even if it takes a little more of your time.

Remember that when you’re planning your calendar for the month, don’t overdo it. Too many emails or the wrong types of emails set you up for a ton of unsubscribes. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Is it informative, engaging, short and sweet, or another blah blah marketing push? Not sure, ask your trusted circle.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. My passion is no-cost and low-cost marketing. Check out my website at RobinSamora.com and let me help you grow your business.  Talk soon!