If you aren’t doing video, then you’re missing out on some huge marketing potential. Video is watched by 85% of internet users each month and it’s way more captivating than text alone. And here’s a stat, 88% of marketers who use video are happy with their ROI.

So where do you start?

Stories are a great place to play with video. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook – try all three if they work for your brand and audience. Best part? If the stories don’t work, they’re gone in 24 hours. If they do, you can save them to your highlight reel (on Instagram at least). Stories last 10-15 seconds – up to 30. Have some fun experimenting with the graphics too.

Then, there’s Facebook Live. If you’re not sure about what to do here are a few suggestions; host a Q & A. Give a live tour of your office. Stream live from a big event. People want to watch because they have FOMO, so going live can help create instant buzz for your business.

Looking for something really simple? Use GIFs. They grab attention and almost everyone thinks their funny. So pick a funny one, ok? Don’t use them everywhere, but sprinkling GIFs into your social content and emails can grab attention. You can even make your own GIF on Biteable.

I’m Robin Samora, host of Fast Marketing Minute. Hope is not a marketing strategy. If you’d like some insight on how to grow your business and meet important goals, get in touch with me at RobinSamora.com. Talk tomorrow!