Are you on the fence about creating a podcast? Here are three reasons why it can help with your marketing.

Open Spotify, Apple Podcasts or any other podcast hosting app and you’ll find content on just about any topic. And many are produced by brands that sponsor their own content filling hundreds of hours of listening time.

Why couldn’t that be you? Should a podcast be part of your marketing plan?

3 Ways Podcasts Improve Your Marketing 

1. Podcasts are cost-effective

Creating a podcast doesn’t break the bank. Sure, it takes time and effort like developing any marketing channel, but you can produce content with little to no funds and there are lots of no-cost tools to help you. There’s Audacity for recording, for posting podcasts, and Calendly for scheduling interviews.

2. Podcasts give your brand a voice

With a podcast you can share your views on social issues or whatever’s on your mind. Ben & Jerry’s has a long history of taking a stand on racial justice and produce a number of podcasts that center on racism, a cause they’re passionate about.  Remember, podcasts are your own media channel, and a low-cost way to promote your expertise.

3. People can learn from you

A podcast also helps you stand out as a thought leader. Think about podcasts as a way to share your message and engage with your target market. Connect with listeners that want to know more about what you do.

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