Want to find out how to create daily email content, without going crazy? Listen in for some tips.

Finding inspiration to create daily email content isn’t that hard, once you realize what makes your clients open their inbox in the first place. Here are a 3 marketing tips to get you started.

What’s New in Your Clients’ Lives?

A unique way to connect with clients came from fabric designer Robert Allen, who created a Google Doc and asked clients to update it weekly with personal stories. He then connected those anecdotes to topics he wanted to cover each week. The personal touch made each of his emails more engaging and unique – which was a winning combination.

Produce Ideas through Podcasts

If a client or someone you like in your industry was interviewed on a podcast, play it for inspiration and ideas. Mention what you learned from the podcast in your email, including their interests and challenges. Chances are, you have more than one subscriber who’s dealing with similar experiences.

Your Followers are Your Muses

One reason why we connect with each other on social media is to share ideas for our everyday lives, whether it’s a new blog to read, a new place to eat, or an innovative way to promote our business. Find topics that generate the most interest on your followers’ feeds and use them as ideas for your next email. It’s a simple way to scale your creativity without getting writer’s block.

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