Do you know the tell-tale signs of a phony marketer, someone who wants to fake their expert authority?  Fake marketers are out there, but how do you spot them?

3 Ways to Spot a Fake Marketer

  1. Fake marketers trade free work for endorsements or positive reviews. They also pay for mentions in business publications to build credibility and expert authority. You can call yourself an expert, but really, it’s about what people say about you in testimonials and reviews, and also on social media.  Be careful to check an expert’s background and credentials before buying or partnering with them.
  2. It’s one thing to be an expert at self-promotion, and that’s a skill that many would envy. But you have to be able to back that up. You can ‘pay to play’ as many speakers to get on a big stage, but you also have to ‘walk the talk.’ Earned media usually can’t be denied. That’s what someone writes about you. Not advertorials, actual press. Free press takes effort and is worth its weight in gold. I teach my clients how to do that every day.
  3. Just because someone calls themselves an “expert” doesn’t necessarily mean they really are an expert. Are they building their brand or yours? Do they have the education, experience, track-record and legitimate endorsements of a professional? A little digging might uncover a phony or confirm a true marketing professional.

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