Content is king, queen, emperor, the big kahuna and so much more. Seriously, you spend a bunch of time writing it yourself, or having your team do it for you, so get the biggest bang for the buck by repurposing your content in as many ways as possible.

Here are 4 Awesome Ways to Repurpose Content

  1. Create an infographic with information from your post, article, special report, whatever content you have that might be valuable to your target audience. You can create infographics on Canva or hire out on Fiverr. People love them and they get a lot of views and shares. Plus, you can post them on visual social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to boost your visibility.
  2. Repurpose your presentations. If you recently had a speaking gig, write a blog or white paper on what you spoke about. You already did all the research and have a great outline. Use it to attract your target audience and expertise.
  3. If your research that you turned into a white paper is lengthy, repurpose it as a lead magnet. Make it a PDF, create an exciting landing page, and ask for people to share their email address to download it. They get valuable content, you get a warm lead.
  4. Refresh your old posts. Go back a few years to find posts that performed well. Update some of the content and all the links. Add a new quote from an expert. Then repost as new content. Instead of writing new content all the time, take advantage of this strategy.

You can also use your best content in a marketing funnel. Write an email sequence and add links to your content to provide value to prospects in your funnel.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. If you want more marketing ideas, download a copy of 52 Marketing and PR Ideas to Get Attention. It’s at Talk tomorrow!