Are you in marketing and always writing, like me? Join the club!

So if you’re a writer and a marketer, what are some of the best writing tools out there? Let’s take a look.

4 Best Writing Tools for Marketers

  1. 750 Words is a fun, online journaling tool that simply encourages you to write. There are a bunch of fun ways the app does this, like giving you rewards for hitting various milestones and using colorful charts to show how your writing has improved over time. It’s all about making writing a habit and the pretty tricks just help you get there.
  2. Airstory is a drag-and-drop document builder that goes beyond writing and editing to also help you research and outline your project. The app divides your project into multiple panels that hold your text, images, quotes and other clips. From there you can pick and choose what you like, as you create your document.
  3. Draft lets you invite a number of people to edit your work and the site will track the changes they make, and ask you to accept or reject the changes. It’s different from let’s say Google docs, because it shows two different versions of the document next to each other so you can keep track of who made which suggestion.
  4. Google Docs allows you to access, create and edit your document from anywhere you can get the internet, using any mobile device. Like Draft, you can share your work so people can view, make suggestions or edit your document directly. You can also work with a group of people in one document at the same time.

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