One of the best ways to get free publicity is to be a guest blogger. Here are some tips to pitch the right way.

4 Guest Blogging Tips to Market Your Brand

1. What’s your goal? OK be real. Why do you want to create content for other sites? Are you looking to be recognized as a go-to resource, drive traffic to your site, gain backlinks or align your company with a reputable site. Be clear on the reasons before you think about pitching — and do your homework well in advance so you’re prepared.

2. How do you find relevant blogs? Don’t waste time researching sites that don’t give you what you need. Be sure they cover topics relevant to your brand and industry. You can ask other industry experts, clients, colleagues, or do your own research using keywords. Try sites like Buzzsumo, SemRush and Moz that have a high domain authority.

3. Does the site accept guest articles?  Get on the website and take a look around for guest blogging guidelines. If you can’t find them, another way to find them is by reading article bylines. Contact the editor or look on LinkedIn if you come up empty handed.

4. Is your pitch on point?  Do you have a new perspective on a topic that’s relevant to their readers? Write a compelling subject line, get to the point in no more than three paragraphs, and bonus points for writing a meta description (156 characters or less) to show SEO relevancy.  And just a side point, never ever use exclamation marks in your pitch.

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