Want to make your marketing more effective in the new normal?

If you’re in business or in charge of marketing for your brand, it’s a tough time right now figuring out what to do, what works, and to what extent you should market your brand. Helping is the new selling and it’s a strategy that will always work, especially during the pandemic.

Here are 4 Marketing Thoughts for the New Normal 

  1. Adjust to the new reality. You might think you know what your audience is looking for but priorities shift during a pandemic. Your usual marketing and SEO content may not work right now. Don’t dig your heels in. We’re in unusual times. Listen to your customers and give them what they want.
  2. Don’t throw your money at paid ads either, though pricing may be attractive. If your customers are being scared off by the virus, chasing after them with paid ads won’t help. It could actually hurt your brand. Rely more on email and social media. And make sure to gear your content toward helping people rather than selling them. You don’t want to come across as taking advantage of your audience during a hard time.
  3. Look at your messaging. Mirror your industry. If you’re in wellness or have a healthcare brand, consumers will want to hear about business updates and products that could be useful. If you’re in the fitness or entertainment industry, you might want a more light-hearted approach.
  4. Definitely no quid pro quos. Be truly helpful by making all of your COVID-19 related information completely ungated. This might go against every instinct you have, but being truly helpful right now will give readers a reason to remember you in the future.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. If I can help you in any way please reach out. You can find me at https://RobinSamora.com.  Talk tomorrow!