Perfecting copy for social media is challenging. You need to be concise in your messaging but you’re so restricted by space. Want some tips to make your social copy better? Stay tuned.

Want to make your social media pop? Here are 4 ways to improve your social content.

1) Find the right emojis

Emojis will make your posts pop and be more eye-catching. They’ll also express emotion in ways that text can’t. Plus, Emojipedia makes it easy and lets you add emojis to your social copy from your laptop, not just your phone.

2) Set up a Linktree

Does it drive you crazy that you can’t include links in Instagram posts? There’s a simple fix. Drive traffic right to your website through a Linktree page and unlock the ways your small business can increase sales. Just be sure to test your CTAs to make sure you’re getting results.

3) Shorten your URLs

A long URL could easily eat up all the characters in your Tweet, or make your post look less appealing. Why not shorten your URL with Bitly or TinyUrl? A shortened URL condenses your link into one line, and even better, can track how many people click your specific links. 

4) Get inspiration from is a cool tool that generates social media copy. Enter your keywords and subject matter and press enter. You may need to tweak a bit, but it can deliver inspiration and switch up your writing style.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. I‘m a small business marketing and PR expert and write marketing and PR plans to help you grow your business. If you’re wondering what marketing can do for your business, visit me at then schedule a call. Talk soon!