Like it or not, online networking is here to stay. Want some pointers on how to get the most from it?

4 Marketing Tips for Online Networking

Look for opportunities. Keep an eye out for events that best meet your needs. Participate in live chats, Q&A’s, informal discussion groups and other interactive forums. Some events will use platforms like Zoom that allow viewers to chat with each other, while others may use a more broadcast forum, like Twitter, where chats happen with a hashtag.

Get Active. No matter what type of forum you join, participate in a meaningful way. You must add value to the discussion to get noticed. Some of the best ways to add value is to build on to someone else’s comment, provide clarification or add sources or resources to support a thought.

Follow up. Once you’ve put yourself out there, keep the ball rolling. Add new people on social, then interact with them on a regular basis. Keep it light, remind them how you met — don’t jump into an immediate ask. Let the relationship grow. Be consistent while continuing to add value.

Be yourself. The most important asset you bring to an interaction is you. Be authentic. Your story and experiences make you unique and that has value to others. Relax and have fun. Networking, done well, isn’t a chore. It’s a fun way to make connections with people and build a community. Have fun!

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