Think reputation is just what people think of you when you work together?  Time to think again.

4 Marketing Tips to Build a Strong Online Reputation

1. First impressions are everything. In a digital world, you need to be a control freak! In control of what your prospects and customers find out about you online. And that includes search results from Google, listings and directories, social media, and reviews.

2. Claim your Google My Business listing. Google My Business lets people find you and it’s also one of the best publicity tools out there. You can upload images, blogs, articles, press releases, videos, plus — post and answer your own frequently asked questions.

3. Create a consistent NAP. A NAP is your business name, address and phone number, and they should appear everywhere online the same. If there are any inconsistencies or mistakes, you run the risk of confusing customers and potentially damaging your credibility and position in search results.

4. Design a strategy for getting reviews. The easiest way to get online reviews is to ask for them. If you feel funny, don’t. Just be honest about why you’re asking – you want to build your business. People want to help others who have done a good job. Still on the fence? There are other tools that can help you. Business cards, post cards, and flyers give details on how to give a review. Email works wonders, too.

Nobody likes a bad comment. But if you get one, it’s best to be upfront and work to take the conversation offline. Have a positive comment? Be the first to say thank you and acknowledge the feedback.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. My passion is low-cost marketing to help you grow your business and get more visibility. Check out my website at  Talk soon!