What are some of the hottest social media marketing trends for the rest of the year? Listen in!

4 Social Media Marketing Trends for the Rest of 2020

Shorten your content creation process. Content you created six months ago and planned to use today may now be outdated. Compress your content creation down from months to weeks or even days. You can still sketch out your plans for the future but don’t invest a lot of time in detailed creation — leave room for changes so you don’t have to scrap everything and start over.

Be quiet and listen. In the past, social media was all about telling what great products and services you offer. Now, it’s time to listen. Are your products and services well positioned? You’ll never know if you don’t listen to your market.

Stand up. People expect more from their trusted brands, than ever before. Take principled positions on important social issues. Yes, you might lose a few customers, but you’ll gain more in the long haul by taking a stand on the right side of social movements.

It’s not all about you, it’s about all of us. Now is not the time for non-stop self-promotion. It’s the time to help. Reach out and do what you can to help people in any way you can. Remember to put people first. Focus on the human element instead of boring product descriptions. Build relationships now, and sales will follow.

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