Are you a marketer working from home and about to go crazy? Or are you already there? I get it! Kids, pets, school work, and the Amazon Delivery driver, they all want your attention.

4 Steps for Marketers to Be More Productive #WFH

  1. Set clear expectations. Let the kids know when you need uninterrupted time so they don’t come screaming into the room while you’re on a conference call. Check in with them right before the call starts and let them know who they should go to if they need anything while you’re busy.
  2. Create a schedule and stick to your word. If you have a partner, negotiate your schedules together. Who’s going to work, when? Who’s going to drive the kids to soccer practice? Put it all in writing so you’re all on the same page. Be as productive as you can be during your scheduled work time, and then shut the computer down when you say you’re going to be done.
  3. Give yourself some slack. Be realistic about what you can accomplish. And be honest with your coworkers about how much work you can do and when you’re available. Block out family time on shared calendars so coworkers know when to expect slower responses during that time. You don’t work 24/7.
  4. Lastly, separate your workspace from the rest of the house. Find non-verbal ways of letting everyone know you’re not available. A closed door means “emergencies only.” If you have to work in a common area, wear headphones so you can still stay focused.

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