Let’s talk about Pinterest. If you thought it was just for dream vacations, brides, and ideas on how to decorate your home, that’s not the case anymore. It’s a growing platform to gain new business, create a sales funnel, and grow your email list.

With over 291,000 users every month, Pinterest has a loyal audience, primarily women, but men account for 40% of the new signups. People scroll their mobile phones, day and night, looking for helpful and inspiring ideas.

What that means for your business is this: if you’re creating and sharing tips and information – to solve a customer’s problem, answer questions, or offer quick and easy solutions, Pinterest may work for your brand – and be quite profitable.

If you understand how Pinterest works and how to work it, you can create “free products” that can drive traffic to your blog, website, and landing pages – and create a buyer’s path, for them to learn more.

4 Tips to Build Your Email List with Pinterest

-Create a lead magnet, which you’ll exchange for your reader’s email address. This should promote your expertise and give your audience a simple solution to their problem. It can be an e-book, video, check list, or free trial.

-Connect your ‘freebie’ to a landing page via your email marketing program where people can opt-in. Be sure to add relevant keywords and your opt-in offer to your Pinterest Profile.

-Think of Pinterest as one giant search engine, and your profile as a business card. Consider creating a new business account, and leave your personal one, for personal use. You’ll have different goals and objectives, and it will be easier to track.

-Share your lead magnet, freebie or opt-in on other Pinterest boards that have the same audience and niche.

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