If you’re designing infographics, web pages, and marketing pieces, here are four top visual content mistakes you want to avoid.

4 Top Visual Content Mistakes You Want to Avoid 

  1. Be careful your content isn’t too busy. Stick to 1 main color with a max of 2 other colors to accent. Adding white space can be used to your advantage.
  2. Limit your illustrations and icons. Too many graphics will distract the reader or viewer from the point. Use graphics to highlight the important stuff. Text and bullet points will work for everything else.
  3. Don’t over-decorate your title. Keep things simple. You don’t want your reader to feel overwhelmed.
  4. Lastly, be careful of using blurry images. Make sure that they’re the right size and resolution for your needs. Resolution for online should be 72 dpi, but I usually bump mine to 100 just to be safe.

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