Want to optimize your search engine ranking? Look at keyword research to improve your marketing strategy.

Write a Topical List

Begin with a keyword list that describes your business. Say you’re a dentist. Start with services you provide like “Cosmetic Dentistry,” “Dental Checkup,” “or “Dental Cleaning.” Search engines consider the searcher’s location when they display websites, so if someone nearby is typing these keywords, you have a higher chance of showing up.

Use Tools of the Trade

Keyword tools like SEMrush can show you how often people search for specific keywords, giving you an idea of which ones are worth including on your website. If there’s high volume on certain keywords, it means there’s lots of competition.

Longer Keywords Go a Long Way

Websites like 1800 Dentist will probably have a higher keyword ranking than your local dentist. To rank higher, use longer-string keywords like “Dallas Cosmetic Dentistry” or “Oral Surgery in Dallas” so your website appears in more relevant searches.

What’s Your Intent?

Knowing how your customers think is half the battle when you’re crafting SEO strategy. If it’s back to school time and summer is over, more people may schedule a dentist appointment. Use the intent of your customers to your advantage by providing content that will target their predicted keywords