We’re all so busy talking about connecting with our customers, that we sometimes lose sight with surprising our clients with ways that show we care.

My colleague, Matt Ward, in his book, More…Word of Mouth Referrals Lifelong Customers and Raving Fans, talks about the 4 Pillars of his Care Package — which simple in concept, delivered makes a huge impact on building relationships and business.

Here are 4 Pillar Principles to the Customer Care Package to Build Relationships and Customers:

  1. Overdeliver. Exceed your customer’s expectations and overdeliver — not underpromise. Once customers see that you genuinely care, they will refer you to others because they’ve seen what you’ve delivered — and like it. It makes sense to refer you. You do what you say.
  2. Listen.  Listening is with your ears, but you can listen with body language too, or when you’re paying attention to what’s not being said. Sometimes a facial expression or pause says even more. Voice, tone, and pace count too.
  3. Surprise. The element of surprise is powerful, but a surprise that’s personalized for a particular person — based on listening or an observation can change the status quo of relationships — and bring you closer, because you care. A package from Amazon, you expect is one thing. A surprise package from Amazon, that you didn’t order, is a whole different ball game. You can’t wait to see what’s inside.
  4. Non-serving acts. If you send a package and include your business card, it’s a marketing tactic. When you send a package, and a thoughtful card — without any branding, it’s about the person. That’s what you want. More about them, and way less about you.

Other ideas? Ask your customers for advice, collect swag at events that they would love (say they love highlighters), and give your clients reviews on social media — without them asking.

Remember these 4 ways to surprise and delight your customers.

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