Social media can be annoying because you always have to write it, post it, and engage so that you’re in tune with your audience. But did you know it can be annoying to your followers too?

Here are 4 ways you may be annoying your audience on social media, and don’t even know.

  1. Your posts are too long and poorly written. Basic writing rules apply here. Keep it short and simple. Most people don’t want to read ‘War and Peace’ on social media. Get to the point, and use proper grammar and punctuation. Extra words don’t make you sound important or smart. If in question, use the app Grammarly though that’s best for longer format writing.
  2. Maybe your posts are outdated or overdone. If you’re talking about the same exact content three times a week, with no variety, it’s easy to glance over your posts and find content that’s more interesting. Unless you have a fresh take on your topic, or share news that your community wants to read, you could be wasting your time and losing your audience.
  3. Your posts are too personal. New technology gives us a lot of information about our colleagues and prospects, but that doesn’t mean we should use it all. I know I hate when someone scans my Facebook page for images, and then sends them to me on a Send Out card. Maybe it’s me. Personal is personal, don’t cross the line.
  4. Lastly, posts that aren’t optimized for the platform can be annoying. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest all require different image sizes for the best-looking graphics. And when they look off, it’s off putting to me anyway. Sprout Social keeps an always up-to-date guide on image sizes that I keep in my bookmarks bar for quick reference. And your best design tools usually have this too, with the paid versions.


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