Don’t have a ton of time to catch up on all the digital marketing sites? I’m with you. But want a handful of reliable resources? Check these out.

There are hundreds of digital marketing sites out there and if you have time, you can choose your favorites. Jeff Bullas made a comprehensive short list. Let’s look at each site one by one.

5 Best Online Digital Marketing Sites

If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and best insights into digital marketing, take a look at the Stacked Marketer newsletter. It’s a 5-minute daily read jam-packed with the latest news, trends, and actionable advice, written by marketers for marketers.

Another valuable source of digital marketing news to add to your feed is Marketing Land. Marketing Land covers all aspects of the digital marketing industry and features breaking news, industry trends and product changes.

If you want a bird’s eye view of what people are talking about in the marketing world, check out Alltop eCommerce and Alltop SEO. Both sites collect the latest stories and posts from vetted sources. You’ll recognize some big names here. I’m not going to tell you what they are. Click on the links if you read this.

How about this one? Affposts Newspaper is similar to Alltop, but it also aggregates the latest posts and stories from online newspapers, blogs and podcasts. Sign up and you’ll receive a free digest filled with tips, tricks and training from industry experts.

And lastly, if you’re interested in search marketing, take a look at the blog, Distilled. One of its unique features is a comprehensive checklist for an SEO audit, which allows you to find areas you might have overlooked or have never considered in the first place.

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