Buzzfeed is synonymous with the “listicle” blog, a hybrid of a blog and easy-to-read list. Want to master their formula? Listen in.

You can learn so much from mastering Buzzfeed’s formula for breaking down practically any topic into fun bullet points. Here’s how they do it.

5 Buzzfeed Marketing Tips for Easy Reading

1. The Listicle. A listicle allows readers to digest information succinctly. Using the number in the title, like “5 Signs That Show Your Cat Loves You”, or “5 Buzzfeed Marketing Tips for Easy Reading” gives readers an idea of how long the piece is before they dive in. Pro tip: keep the list short!

2. Play to the Reader’s Heartstrings. Writing about memories or stories can draw an emotional response from your readers, which makes it more likely they’ll comment, like, or share your piece.

3. Write About Intriguing Topics. Covering subjects that many readers don’t know about will draw curiosity and encourage them to share an article with their friends.

4. Make Your Headline Attractive. Using an engaging title will make your piece stand out. Get creative and brainstorm multiple options before you post. And you can run it through a title generator, too.

5. Quality Content and Quantity Matters. Deliver high quality, entertaining blogs or press releases regularly to ensure your readers stay subscribed. And consider using a content calendar so readers know when to expect your next writing piece.

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