Looking for some underrated content marketing strategy ideas? Take a listen.

5 Content Marketing Strategies to Remember

1. Use infographics to present complex content. Visual content is more engaging than text, can be fun and still offers information in a simple format. It also takes less time to look at than reading a full report.

2. Interview industry thought leaders. This is a great way to grow your audience and get recognized as an expert in another expert community. When you’re ready to go live, don’t forget to tag him or her when you post and share on social media.

3. Invest in videos and apps. If you’re creating content, think about different ways to reach your audience. Video Q & As, product demonstrations, and explainer videos are popular. Apps like WhatsApp Business can also help you provide customer support on a more personal level by being able to sort and quickly respond to messages.

4. Virtual presentations build a list and connections. Webinars are easier and a lot cheaper than planning a conference and with all the Zoom experience you have, you might already be a pro.  A “one-time-only” event gives customers more of an incentive to attend so they’re not the last to know — and we know all about that with FOMO.

5. Use SEO to drive better marketing decisions. Besides building traffic, you can organize keywords by interest level, find your competition, and create networking opportunities. Use the data to create more personalized content for the customer and check your metrics to make sure your campaigns stay relevant and on-point.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Could your business use a boost in sales? Download a copy of my new infographic, 7 Marketing Strategies for the New Normal. Find it at RobinSamora.com.