Want more business on social media but don’t know exactly what to do?

Try these 5 Easy Ways to Get More Leads on Instagram

  1. Create a link tree style page on your website that looks great on mobile. You only get one link on Instagram, so maximize by linking to a page you can customize with all your important information.
  2. If you have more than 10,000 followers, use the “swipe up” feature on your Instagram stories. It allows people to click through directly to your content. Take advantage of your free call to action.  Add a CTA at the end of all your content, just like you would anywhere else. Define a goal and drive people to it.
  3. If you’re in ecommerce, make your posts shoppable. That’s right, you can add these links for free. Selling a shirt? People click on the shirt and it takes them to the page where they can buy it on your website. Why wouldn’t you do this for all your posts?
  4. If your business thrives on local, find a local nano-influencer to partner with. Offer them a free product or services in return for their influence helping you with your brand. A simple mention from them will drive big traffic to your Instagram. Feature your best-seller often. Repetition sells. It’s why remarketing works.
  5. Share user-generated content. For example, if someone posts about your product or leaves a raving review, post it on your page. People like to see that you’re listening to your audience.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Are you looking for Social PR tips to build your brand? Download a copy of Social PR and Branding Guidelines. It’s at RobinSamora.com/SocialPR.  Talk tomorrow!