Need free photos for your marketing projects?

If you do any kind of content marketing, you need visuals – photos and images to use on your website, on blogs and articles, and reports – as well as on social media.

Here are 5 free photo sites for your next marketing project

1. Unsplash

Unsplash has thousands of high-quality free photos and images that you can use in marketing and design projects. What makes it easy is that you can find them with a user-friendly search tool. Just type in your keywords, and voila. Photos on demand.

2. Pixabay

Pixabay is another favorite for free photos and has one of the biggest collections of no-cost stock photos and illustrations online. There are over a million images – ranging in quality, with a strong landscape and Editor’s collection.

3. Gratisography

Gratisography is unique an if you haven’t checked it out, you’ll want to. It offers a small selection of fun and quirky images that aren’t your everyday photos. They’re taken by photographer Ryan McGuire. H4e definitely provides a breath of fresh air in the stock photo world.

4. Pexels

With Pexels, you’ll find free public domain stock photos from photographers around the world. Search for something specific or browse by topics – even emotions. Look beyond some of the cheesy photos to find more creative images.

5. Pikwizard

If you’re looking for natural photos of people or urban photography, check out Pikwizard. The photos on this site are offered under two licenses – free and Creative Commons. Free means free, and a Creative Commons license means that the photographer has waived their copyright.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. If you’d like more marketing tips and want to hear about grants and marketing services, visit my website. I’m at  Talk soon!