Engagement is more important than ever on social media, especially Facebook. The more engagement you have on your page or in your group, the more likely your content is to show up in followers’ news feeds. So what do Facebook stats tell us for the coming year, and how do we get better engagement?

Video is still the most popular content by far, on Facebook and on all social platforms. If you’re tight on time to create original video, think OPV. Use other people’s video. Or consider reducing the number of posts you schedule on other channels and increase the time and quality of your own video.

For the best engagement, think the 70-20-10 rule. 70 percent of your posts should be video. 20 percent should be images, and 10 should be links. What do your ratios look like?

Time and day matter, too. Recent stats show that there’s a ton of engagement between 8 pm and 11 pm. It may seem counterintuitive to post late at night, but you may be surprised. Posting on the weekend tends to get better engagement numbers too. We’re so focused on posting during normal business hours.  Post when your audience is most active on Facebook. You’ve got the analytic tools right in front of you to see when that is.

In fact, look at all your posts over the past 3 months, 6 months or year to identify what content had the highest engagements. Figure out why and then try to replicate it. Once you figure out what your audience loves, it becomes easy to create engaging posts.

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