A photo on social media seems to last forever! 

If you’re looking to take better pictures to use your in marketing, social media, and to post on your own media channels you aren’t alone. I bet some people are fussier about which photos to post on social than what restaurant to eat at! 

If a picture says a thousand words and they’ll help you get business by creating a stronger brand, then let’s talk about using your iPhone to do just that.

Here are 5 iPhone Tips for Better Photos 

  1. Blur the background on an old iPhone by getting close to your subject. Then tap on your screen on the subject for the camera to focus on that particular spot. It may take a few tries, but it will blur the background.
  2. If you’re shooting a moving subject, you can lock your focus point by holding down your finger. This can get you some great action shots.
  3. You probably already know that you can use the volume-up button to take a photo, which is usually easier than hitting the circle, especially when taking selfies. But it’s worth repeating, especially if you’re switching from an Android. 
  4. If you just have unsteady hands, you can use the self-timer to get sharper photos. While it’s intended for group photos, you can use it for any photo. Just set the phone up, hit the button and stand back to get crisp photos.
  5. Invoke the rule of thirds by turning on the grid. It will make your photos look more professional.

Looking for a photo you took a year ago? You don’t have to scroll back searching for it among the thousands of pictures in your phone. You can search for it in your gallery using keywords that describe the photo. Thanks Apple AI!

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Your brand has 3 parts. Your look, your voice, and your story. How’s your online brand working for you? Reach out for a complimentary 20-minute review. You can find me at RobinSamora.com. Talk tomorrow!