Want a marketing intern but not sure of what tasks to assign? And be honest, are you thinking it’s more of a hassle to have to an intern and manage yet another person, rather than just bite the bullet and do everything yourself? Change your thinking and create a practical marketing intern strategy to grow your business.

5 Marketing Tasks to Assign Your Intern

  1. Have your intern keep tabs on your competition. They can use a simple excel spreadsheet to track what your competition is posting, blogging, doing and any other news that’s worth reporting. Or, you can use more sophisticated tools, depending on what your company subscribes to.
  2. Interns can do manual reporting too. Show them the end result of what you’re looking for and one possible way you’d do it. Then let them handle it. You can do this in Google sheets so you can easily pop in at any time to review it. Ask your interns to send you weekly or monthly highlights, so they learn how to analyze the information and you don’t have to waste time pouring over reports. They should be able to show you the highlights.
  3. Let your marketing intern team handle your link-building process. This is monotonous work that could take you a lot of time, so assign it. The plus side is that it will help them learn a ton.  While they’re working on links, make sure they’re checking for your bad links, every day.. One bad link could mean the loss of a potential customer. They can use this free tool called Dead Link Checker. I use it. It works.
  4. Another task is for your intern is to take care of some light reputation management. Have them watch for people on social media who are upset with a product — yours or the competitions — and have them offer help. It’s not a hard sell, it’s a helpful sell, and it builds trust for your brand.
  5. And lastly, your intern should be capable of light advertising responsibilities like boosting posts on Facebook or putting together Facebook ads. You’re structuring the campaigns. They’re just hitting the buttons to make it happen.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. I write marketing and action plans for customers like you. The action plans are for DIY teams like your interns. Want to learn more? You can reach me at Robin@RobinSamora.com. Talk tomorrow!