Do you Smile and Dial to bring in business? Here are 5 steps to make phone prospecting more productive.

I joke sometimes when I ask a business owner if they ‘”give good phone.” The truth is, telemarketing is still an effective tool to reach new customers, as long as you have a strategy before making your first call.

1. Have a Game Plan

Don’t just wing it. Have a game plan. How many calls will you make? How much time will you be on the phone? OK, what’s your message? And if someone’s not there? What will you say? Know the answers to these questions before you pick up the phone.

2. Target Your Ideal Customer

Ever hear of ICPs? Those are your “Ideal Customer Profiles” and they can help determine your target audience and what stage of the marketing cycle they’re in. Create that buyer persona and cater your message to them. And, if it’s not working, tweak it!

3. Know Your Talking Points

Show some confidence on the phone, it buys you time and builds trust with the caller. Niceties are important, but staying on message will get you to the closing. Plan your talking points ahead to know how to control the conversation. Create a few scenarios, then rinse and repeat.

4. Overcome Objections

Every call won’t be a slam dunk. After a while, you’ll know which objections are the most common. Work on a rebuttal (and practice your responses) for each “well, I don’t know” to keep the listener engaged.

5. Don’t Forget to Close

The CTA or call-to-action is one of the most important parts of your call. To win a sale, you need to know how to close. Know what your primary and secondary CTAs are, so you can handle any customer at any stage of the sale. Whether it’s setting up an appointment or placing an order, it’s up to you to mention the CTA, so don’t forget. That’s what stickies are for!

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. My passion is low-cost marketing to help you grow your business. Check out my website at, then schedule a call. Talk soon!