Have you worked with well-known brands?  Well, don’t keep it a secret!

5 Marketing Tips to Build Social Media Trust and Proof

  1. Get the biggest bang for your buck. If you’ve worked with well-known brands, promote it.  Make sure you display their logos and brand names on your website and mention it on social media. It gives visitors confidence in your business. If Nike likes you, then you must be good.
  2. Product reviews are a social goldmine. And so are testimonials. When prospects see positive reviews and photos, they’re more confident in purchasing your products and services. Put a plan in place to send an email after someone purchases to ask for a review.
  3. Add customer case studies to your website. Have the story tell the complete picture, from problem to solution, and how you helped them get there.  You can also build credibility by highlighting facts and figures, like the number of people who have bought your product or who have watched your webinar. Numbers do count!
  4. Share positive experiences on social media. Tap into this and display user generated content on your website. Look for influencers who have a lot of engagement with your ideal audience.
  5. Give your website a regular checkup. There is nothing that loses trust with customers quicker than a website riddled with technical issues.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. If you want social proof, you have to be on social media. For some best tips and strategies, go to my website and visit my top 40 small business marketing blog. You’ll find it at RobinSamora.com. Talk tomorrow!