Want to create social media engagement? Listen for tips on what you need on your checklist.

5 Marketing Tips to Create a Social Media Checklist

  1. Develop guidelines for your team. State clearly how you want to handle all of your social media. Make sure to list every profile and not just your primary ones. Consider things like your content, visuals, community monitoring and your brand voice when thinking about what to include.
  2. Decide on how often you’ll engage with your community. Take a look at both inbound engagements, which are comments and questions that come directly to you, and outbound, which involves finding and joining relevant conversations. They can have very different frequency requirements.
  3. Create different strategies for each social media platform. Content perfect for Instagram might not work so well for LinkedIn. And while Twitter is great for customer service, you’re not going to want to use Facebook that way.
  4. Amp up your posts. Survey the most engaging posts on each social media platform you use. Do you see common trends? Look at content posted by other brands and see if they might inspire you or discover an opportunity you might have missed.
  5. Decide on key performance indicators. This gets everyone on the same page. How will you know when your social media engagement is working? Make sure your team knows what “success” looks like for your brand.

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