Are you looking for new business ideas to help you through tough times? Listen in.

Almost every company I know wants to recover losses they’ve incurred with the pandemic. Ideas are important, but it’s also important to take action to get ahead of the competition.

Here’s an approach I read about today in the Entrepreneur blog on how to SHAPE up your business.

5 Marketing Tips to Shape Up Your Business

1. Think like a Start-up. Enough research, already. It’s time to take action, and that means now. You can always tweak your plans, but speed counts.

2. How do your people work best? Your strength is in strategy and human capital. You may create the strategy, but your team drives the bus. They execute and deliver results.

3. Expand your digital channels. If you haven’t shifted already, make a commitment accelerate digital, tech operations and analytics. Having strong digital channels will impact your growth and visibility.

4. Reassess what your customers value. This pandemic has influenced people and your customers in ways we can’t even imagine. Ask what they need. Take time to find out what what’s important to them. What worked once, doesn’t necessarily work anymore.

5. Disruption is part of growth. In this new normal, we need to rethink and rebuild. Look at your employees and outsourced staff, your environment, your offices, your funding, and the possibilities of grants and assistance, to name just a few.

Now’s the time to be proactive not reactive. Speed is important to gain momentum, but not without thinking things through. To get your business ready for the next big push, put your foot on the gas pedal, but don’t run out of gas.

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