Have a product you’re selling? Want to make your customers happier?

85% of marketers are using video to market to their customers, and more people are using video than any other media. So it makes perfect sense to not only sell your products with video, but also tell them all about your products and services. Take advantage of the video craze and create a product videos that they’ll love!

5 Product Video Ideas that Make Happier Customers 

  1. Show your product or service in action. Focus on a specific feature, highlight a problem and its solution, or teach people how to use the product. Look for interesting angles and keep your video brief and to the point. This isn’t The Irishman!
  2. Create a video FAQ page. People love FAQs and they’re more likely to remember what they see versus what they read. Keep your video clear, precise and make sure that you actually answer your customers’ questions. If you have any questions, check out my blog about FAQs.
  3. Support videos work wonders, too. Figure out the most common problems your customers have and make a series of short videos resolving them. Give them the tools they need to solve their own problems. You score there, and so does your customer service team.
  4. Personalize your videos. You can create a unique video for each situation or take a standard video you’ve already recorded and personalize it by adding comments in various segments or by adding a custom intro.
  5. And lastly, don’t forget to say thanks! Thank your customers by name in the video. It lets them know how much they mean to your business. And it’s really pretty cool.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Did you know that a well-written FAQ page on your website is an important part of your voice marketing strategy? People are asking Siri and Google all kinds of questions. Can you make your FAQ page better? Let me show you how. Email me and let’s set up a Zoom call. I’m at Robin@RobinSamora.com.  Talk tomorrow!