Have you been thinking of retargeting but not sure how?

Let’s look at retargeting, what is it and why it’s valuable especially now — with no one wanting to lose a single sale. Conceptually, it’s this: You create awareness and interest. A customer visits your site and then leaves. That’s when retargeting happens — until they purchase or fulfill another call-to-action.

5 Types of Target Marketing on Social Media

  1. Retargeting.  Retargeting gives you multiple chances to target a prospect who came close to purchasing but didn’t pull the trigger. You can retarget prospects and customers and offer a special savings or offer. It may just be the added push they need.
  2. Lookalike targeting.  Lookalike targeting is used when you want to target an audience that’s similar to your existing customer base. Facebook is one of the masters of lookalike targeting and uses your data to find people who have similar characteristics and will most likely respond to your call to action.
  3. Interest-based targeting.  With interest-based targeting, you can target people based on the things they’re interested in. For example, if someone clicks on kayaking gear, next they’ll see your ads for paddles in their feed. You can also target people who belong to Facebook groups or who like specific pages, and serve up ads aimed at their interests.
  4. Work-based targeting. LinkedIn is the go-to platform for work-based targeting. You can target people by dozens of criteria including job title, company size, location, education and key skills. You can do this for free using advanced search capabilities or complement your efforts with paid work-based targeting.
  5. Demographics-based targeting. This kind of targeting appeals to a broad group of people. You can slice up Facebook’s user base by scores of demographic data to reach the population that most closely matches your customer, or narrow the market down by the content and graphics you choose.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Want to pinpoint your customers and win their business? Find out more at RobinSamora.com. Talk tomorrow!