Creating a personal brand isn’t just important, it’s really important in selling yourself and your business to a potential customer. So how do you build a great brand, one that delivers results?

First, you need to become a resource that people like, know and trust. Post articles as a thought leader.  Give a talk as a subject matter expert to a local industry group and partner with groups that align with your values. Your LKT factor is based on your expertise and how you share it with the world.

Next, provide value to your following. Write blogs or record podcasts that can actually help your target market. Be a little less “yay me” and a little more “how can I help you?”

Don’t forget to walk the talk. Live your brand values and follow your own advice. Be consistent with your brand personality and all of it’s elements, online and in person.

That said, embrace your imperfections. We’ve all made mistakes in business and in life. We’ve all been up at 4 am worrying about something. Share what you’ve learned from these mistakes and experiences with your audience. It humanizes you and makes you relatable. Transparency is underrated. So important in building trust.

Lastly, do the Google test. Google yourself. Google your business. What comes up? Do you like it? If not, make a plan to change the conversation — the search results.

I’m Robin Samora, host of Fast Marketing Minute. I love helping clients build their brands. If you need help building your expert status so you can get noticed, check out my website then email me directly at Talk tomorrow!