Know about Quora? Think it can work for marketing? Listen how.

5 Easy Ways to Use Quora for Marketing

  1. Find people to connect with. Start with looking at the top answers and followers of a particular industry. This is a great way to find colleagues and other businesses who are interested in the same subjects you are.
  2. Follow topics in your industry.  Become active by posting thought-provoking questions and valuable answers. You can include links to your website or blog posts for more information, but be careful not to spam.
  3. Display your professional title. This helps establish trust and authority. And adding a headshot will make you seem real and human. There’s a lot of competition with other answers under the same post, so you want to make yourself stand out.
  4. Get a boost in your SEO. Because Quora is all about questions and answers, it’s exactly what Google is looking for when it comes to quality content. It also positions you as an authority, which Google now recognizes as a ranking factor.
  5. Find new audiences through Quora Digest. This is a great feature that sends emails to the users who are interested in the topics you’re answering questions on. The more questions you answer, the more authority you’ll build, which increases the chance of you being in a digest.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. You’re not alone if you don’t know everything about Quora. But I love the idea of it to bring in business. For other ideas on how to bring in business, visit my website at Talk tomorrow!