Looking for publicity? It’s a free way to gain visibility – but what’s the real reason you want press?

To start, free PR and publicity will help build your online reputation, credibility, and increase your expert authority. Plus, you’ll be perceived as an expert. All are key factors in marketing.

6 Reasons You Need Publicity in Your Marketing Plan

1.  PR plays an important role in your marketing plan. Think of PR and marketing like best friends. One gets press and earned media, the other targets your audience in more direct ways. Together, they work toward a common goal.

2. Publicity raises your social brand. It also uplevels your profile and professional standing. That helps you feel more confident and own your expertise.

3. Free PR allows you to showcase your brand. It’s earned media from a third party and you don’t pay for it, so it appears more credible.

4. Marketing and PR build like, know, trust and believability. Both set the stage to build interest, a following, and ultimately sales.

5. Publicity distinguishes you from the competition. Chances are your competition doesn’t have the time or the know-how to get free press and publicity. That gives you a big advantage.

6. Free PR opens doors to new opportunities. Your clients, customers, partners and vendors see that you’re up to something big. They want to do business with people who are making things happen.

7. Getting mentioned in the news feels great. It puts a zip in your step, and acknowledges that you really do know what you’re doing. You knew it already, but it feels good to hear it from someone else.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. My passion is low-cost marketing to help you grow your business. Check out my website at RobinSamora.com.  Talk soon!