Are you planning a virtual or in-person conference in the near future? Are experts part of your event? If that’s a yes, have you given any thought on how you’ll introduce them? Probably not, but kudos if you have. Introducing a speaker the wrong way can create problems from the get-go.

Here are 6 Secrets to Introducing a Speaker 

  1. Do some research on your own, other than reading what’s on their bio page. Find out what the speaker is planning to talk about. Get a few key points, so you can incorporate them into your introduction. Look at the speaker’s background, their previous jobs, and accomplishments. What makes this speaker or expert perfect for this event?
  2. Add a personal anecdote about how you met this speaker or how you came to learn about them. Unless you and the speaker are very close, never use private information or make a joke at their expense. Everybody wants to know how others are connected. Make it brief, but be sure to include a tie in.
  3. Once you’ve done your research and organized your thoughts, it’s time to start writing. Keep the introduction under 2 -3 minutes. Depending on how fast you talk, two minutes is about 250 words and three minutes is about 350 words. In my world, shorter is better. People want to hear the speaker, not you.
  4. Now, it’s time to practice. Read your introduction a few times outloud to make sure it sounds conversational. Rehearse until you feel comfortable. It’s ok to take some notes on an index card, but you should know a few key points by heart.
  5. This may sound silly, but practice the pronunciation of the speaker’s name a bunch of times. Write it phonetically. The worst thing you could do is say the speaker’s name wrong. Most professional speakers provide an introduction in advance of the event, with a phonetic pronunciation. For my last name Samora, it’s “Some – MORE – ah.”
  6. When you give the introduction, do it with confidence. Speak loudly and clearly. If you’re at a conference, lead the applause and angle your body toward the speaker. If this were pre-COVID19, you’d shake hands on stage. For online events, show equal sincerity.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. I help experts and speakers build a strong online brand and marketing strategy. Want more info? Visit my website and let’s start a conversation. I’m at Talk tomorrow!