Are you familiar with National Today or National Day Calendar? You should be. They’re two websites that list significant (or not-so-significant dates) to help with your online and offline promotional plans. You can participate in established events, like Take Your Dog to Work Day, National Tooth Fairy Day, or even National Peanut Butter Cookie Day. Other designated weeks or months align with more serious causes, like National Bullying Prevention month and Breast Cancer Awareness month, both in October. Maximize your PR by aligning with these days (weeks or months) on social or in a pitch to local media.

You can create posts, social graphics, articles, write stories on how this “day or week” is important to you – or you can just have fun with it. Online and brick and mortar locations often create specific campaigns around the special day. Some marketers use it as a refreshing change up. Whatever you decide, take a look at the entire year and choose what you think best represents your brand. Just be sensitive to your audience to keep their trust.

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