The next time you’re doing a PR push you might want to consider this.

Ready for a PR push? You may first want to make sure your company’s social media house is in order. The focus on digital marketing has grown leaps and bounds with consumers on their devices more than ever.

What can you do to support your next public relations effort?

Before a PR Push, Do This

1. Make sure your website is up-to-date. You might not think this is super important, but your website is probably listed on every social media platform you’re on. Be sure the info reflects the messages you’re sending out via social and that they align with your purpose. Triple check for any mistakes, too.

2. Are you using Twitter? Love it or hate it. Twitter can be a valuable social tool when it comes to working with the media. Ok a few tips. Don’t be insincere. Engage often. And don’t be robotic.  You’re a human not a bot! You can also create an organic presence in newsfeeds with Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Reporters will be checking you out.

3. Company leaders should be on social media. Creating trust with your audience, consumers and media, is important and that starts at the top. You don’t need to use every platform. Pick one or two that works your brand and work it! Don’t just join to join.

Social media can be a tool to support your other PR and marketing efforts, as well. And, you can reach a wider audience beyond your immediate target audience. Just remember to be active in a genuine way.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. My passion is low-cost marketing to help you grow your business. Check out my website at  and see if we’re a fit. Talk soon!