Think it’s easy being an Instagram influencer? I guarantee, it’s not as easy as you think!

Instagram influencers are working hard to compose, photograph, edit and transform their pictures so they get your attention, gain likes, and of course followers. More followers equal more clout. With more views there’s typically better engagement, which translates somewhere down the line to brand recognition and revenue one way or another.

Every picture isn’t picture perfect though. In fact, some influencers are purposely sharing the reality of their daily lives and behind the scenes activities to portray another side of Instagram perfect. The human factor. Composition. Staging. Posting an image that may pique someone’s interest beyond looking dreamy.

Whether you craft your story through words, photos, speaking on stage, on a podcast or webinar, it’s about creating a bond with the audience you want to influence. Stories make us human, and at least for now, it’s the humans who are buying.

I’m Robin Samora, host of Fast Marketing Minute.  I’m fairly new on Instagram and loving it! Follow me at @RobinSamoraPR and let’s connect. Let me know you heard me on Fast Marketing minute. Talk tomorrow!