When you finally land a big speaking gig, it can be exciting. But how do you turn one speaking gig into many? With follow-up of course. Always be selling, right? That includes promoting yourself and tooting your own horn.

As soon as you get booked, go back and mark the date on your calendar when you were first contacted. Then, you know when to reach out the following year about speaking again or asking for a referral.

After your presentation, collect a few testimonials from the audience. You can record this on your phone or get written reviews. Video is always more powerful. Ask people for their opinion, what they learned, and how it will help them in their businesss. You want to determine value here.

About a week after the event, send a hand-written thank-you note to the organizer.  In two weeks, email your testimonial video to the team who hired you and ask about future events. You can also offer new video when you follow-up next year.

You also want to make sure to upload the video on social media and include it on your website. Give special thanks to the folks who hosted you — and to the audience for attending. This will boost your like, know, trust factor. As much as you might hate video, organizers want to see you speak, then they’ll consider hiring you. And, include event and association hashtags.

Do this, and people will remember you. And if you were good, they’ll probably refer you to others in the industry. Making a lasting impression with authentic follow-up and a quick, on-the-spot video can go a long way. Just remember, done is better than perfect.

I’m Robin Samora host of the Fast Marketing Minute. Want to grow your speaker brand? You can get even more tips about public speaking by following my Top 40 Small Business Marketing Blog. Find it at RobinSamora.com/blog. Talk tomorrow!