Ready for a chatbot to help in your online marketing?

You see chatbots everywhere, but are you wondering if they’re right for your business? Before you answer yes or no, let’s look at how to use a chatbot and what they’re good for.

Here are 4 Ins and Outs of Bot Marketing

  1. Know Your FAQs. The best way to learn what people are asking is by checking in with your team. Talk to your customer service people, your social media manager or your sales and marketing group to build a set of Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. It seems obvious, but create clear, concise questions for your bot to answer. Plan a flowchart, beginning with hello and leading them down each path the conversation could take. Planning tools like Lucidcharts and Whimsical are great for creating easy flowcharts. Avoid open-ended conversations, which could leave your bot confused — and your customer.
  3. Add a live chat feature for a human touch. Let people know that a customer service rep is only a step away. You can build this into the bot’s welcome message so your customer feels secure knowing that if the bot can’t help them, a live person will.
  4. Track your bot’s success. You can do this by using a unique coupon code (like BOTSAVE25). You can also have your bot introduce itself by a name you give it and also refer to your customer by name. A bot can be trained to show items based on their purchasing history as well to make reordering easy. When you program your bot, just make sure to always use conversational language (and understand spelling errors).

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Bots aren’t for everyone but consider them to increase productivity and help the customer on his or her buyer’s journey. For other ideas on how to bring in business, visit my website at Talk tomorrow!